Breaking Ground 2020

The Foundry

Located in the heart of Walnut Creek California, The Foundry will be a 16,749 S.F. urban ‘food hall’ with an open air courtyard, craft beer garden, outdoor theatre, artisan cocktail bar, and will host live music and events.

Learn more about this exciting project and the benefits of running a food stall at the Foundry.


My name is Brian Hirahara.  I have roots here in Walnut Creek. I was raised here.  I’m raising my family here, and I’ve specialized in commercial real estate here for over 22 years. 


And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in that time, it’s that a successful venture begins with a firm vision that is shared by the developer and the tenant. I am 100% certain that food halls will become the future for the food vendor industry.

Food halls create a unique venue that combines global cuisine, drinks and community— a place where folks gather to have fun, be entertained, relax and celebrate the finest in food, beverages and music.


The Foundry in Walnut Creek will be the first food hall of its kind in this entire area. 
Walnut Creek is known in the bay area for its discerning, cosmopolitan demographic, and its insatiable appetite for a leading-edge food experience. I invite you to make a reservation for one of our premium locations at the foundry.

“Food  halls  are  definitely  a  powerful  movement;  they  are  here  to  stay  and  for  good  reason.”

-  Cushman  &  Wakefield ‘s  “Food  Halls  of  North  America,  2018.”